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What does the degree of hardness of mattresses mean?

You run from one mattress business to the next, browsing the Internet for matching sleeping documents and do not know yet, what really suits you? But a short test is to decide on which mattress you will spend the next ten to fifteen years? And then there are the thousands of details such as hardness, compressive strength, density and number of feathers, which confuse you additionally.

We will show you how to navigate this jungle of technical terms and choose the right mattress for you and your sleeping habits.

What does the degree of hardness of mattresses mean?

The term “degree of hardness” generally refers to the suitability and strength of a mattress for particular body weight.

An exception in terms of hardness specifications sleep phase and some visco foam mattresses, the strength of which is variably adjustable due to heat. Here it is not possible to choose a predefined name, which is why usually only the maximum body weight and the reclining feeling are specified.

The crux of the matter: Harnesses are not standardized so far and can be determined freely by the manufacturer – according to their taste. If, for example, the cold foam mattress of manufacturer A in hardness grade H2 fits in with you, this does not mean that the cold foam mattress from manufacturer B in H2 is also suitable for you. Nevertheless, you can use the degree of hardness as a rough guide for preselect ion of matching mattresses.

Determine the right degree of hardness

For the first orientation on the mattress market, we recommend not only to select the appropriate degree of hardness based on body weight, but also to pay attention to body size. For heavy people, the weight is distributed differently than for smaller people in the same weight range.

In (pocket) spring mattresses different degrees of hardness is achieved by different wire thicknesses or by a different number of springs per square meter. The more springs are used, the stronger but also more point elastic is the mattress.

If a higher wire gauge is used, the mattress is also firmer. Soft spring mattresses, for example, are made of springs with a wire diameter of 2.0 mm, medium strength accordingly from 2.2 mm and fixed from 2.4 mm wire. Do not miss to visit our mattress sale section for the best deal and checkout best time to buy mattress.